jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

Importan challenges that my discipline:

In our field we have very specific areas that we can work educational, clinic, communitarian and other two, at least in this University. So, each area has their own problems or challenges.
In general, in the area of test application we have the problem that the test are all made in USA o Europe, and the standard there are, in occasion, very different about here, Chile. Many tests that we use are incomplete or the result are not completely truth, so the diagnosis have a margin of error that we always have to think about. About the same things, there are computer programs for many of the test and here in Chile, not everyone have access to a computer or internet, especially when you have to work in the country or other isolated places.
Another problem in clinic is the categories of mental diseases. They are always changing, and based on scientifically investigation, most of this research is in Europe o USA because they have more resources for that items, and here in Chile and Latin-American we not always have money for research and see have this categories apply for our own population.
In the educational system in Chile, the mental factor is not always use it, I mean, many problems that happen in the school, that it have a psychological correlates, are not always treat it like it should be.


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