jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

Importan challenges that my discipline:

In our field we have very specific areas that we can work educational, clinic, communitarian and other two, at least in this University. So, each area has their own problems or challenges.
In general, in the area of test application we have the problem that the test are all made in USA o Europe, and the standard there are, in occasion, very different about here, Chile. Many tests that we use are incomplete or the result are not completely truth, so the diagnosis have a margin of error that we always have to think about. About the same things, there are computer programs for many of the test and here in Chile, not everyone have access to a computer or internet, especially when you have to work in the country or other isolated places.
Another problem in clinic is the categories of mental diseases. They are always changing, and based on scientifically investigation, most of this research is in Europe o USA because they have more resources for that items, and here in Chile and Latin-American we not always have money for research and see have this categories apply for our own population.
In the educational system in Chile, the mental factor is not always use it, I mean, many problems that happen in the school, that it have a psychological correlates, are not always treat it like it should be.


jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

money matters

Today I will talk to you about money issues…
In my case, I don`t live with my parents because studies. My family is from the south of the country and they transfer the money to mi bank account every month. So the bills, for example, or other things (actually, all the things) about issue of money I have to do it myself.
I have to pay my bills every end of month (this includes the rent), so I go to the service office to pay them and for the rent I go to the bank. Sometimes I have not time to pay it because I have to study or other things to do, so is very uncomfortable, but that’s the way it is.
I have to manage my money for the month and I have to do very strict. I don`t have problem with this, y like to do it, I feel more independent and more responsible, beside if I do it wrong I still have my parents to help me when I need it. Some day in the future, I will have to do all by myself and if I do poorly my parents will not be there to help me. So is a learning how to manage this issues money.
In the present, when I want to buy me something and I don`t have money in the moment, my friends lend me money and I try to pay them back the soonest possible.
My mother teach me how to manage my money when I was little and I join her when she was to pay the bills in the house, in those moment my mother teach me how to make a check, to be careful and be organized. The school doesn`t teach me anything about this, and if it wasn`t for my mom I could not to live here how I do now. There are many children that doesn`t know how to manage the money and when they have to do when they are adult they are a mess. I agree about the school should teach to their student this kind of stuff, because there are very useful.
Well, I don`t for today
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jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2009

Suggestions for improving your Faculty

In our Faculty we are going through a process of curriculum reform that it causes very problems especially in the last four generation. The fifth generation still has the older curriculum and they are the last.
We also have two mesecup projects, and those are working in the faculty improve their situation but under certain criteria and those are not always the best or we don`t agree with.
The financial situation in the faculty is very homogeneous, I mean, the student doesn`t have problems for take copies when they need it or for eat or other stuff. However, we have a small percentage of students in the opposite situation, not so bad they even can study. This it reflects of not everyone who wants to study here it can, and now the faculty is planning a special admission for the poorest secondary students who want to enter to this faculty. This project it was created and executed by teachers and students together and starts the next year like a pilot project
We also have other problems like that we don`t have enough books or computers to work. This is easy to solve because with the mesecup projects we can by them or other way, it is with donation from the teachers or parent of the students.
The other problems about the implementations of the projects and the change in the curriculum, when we don`t like it we have to organize as students and come up with ideas and try to fix it with the teachers.
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jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

Favorite music

Today I will talk to you about my favorite music. Well, actually my taste is very wide. Sometimes the only things that I want to hear is music to dance. In other occasion I want to relax o just I want to sing so I find music in Spanish because my pronunciation in English is not so good.
I like different kind of music but the good lyrics are something they have in common. I like very much the lyrics that say something beyond what you hear in the first time. Also, when you listen the melody you can find that is not flat because the group or the singer can mix different styles of music and even so it sounds harmonic.
I like among other, Silvio Rodríguez, Calle 13 for more dance music, I also like a group call Tool and classic music too, like Bach or Mozart specially. I am very interested to look for new artists. There are a new generation of artist here in Chile and they take the topic of the lyrics of the artist of the ‘60 and ’70 like Victor Jara, Violeta Parra, and the sounds of Inti-Illimani or Illapu and they are modernizing it. They are not a copy of them, it like a young artist singing stuff old, they are something new. Some artist of this generation are Manuel García, Chinoy, JuanaFe, etc.
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jueves, 27 de agosto de 2009



Today i will talk to you about a country i will like to visit.
I really like many countries, if i could i travel all over the world. I want to visit Europe because there are many history on their streets. Turkey is a great country because is in between Europe and Asia. In that country you can see different worlds and different life styles. Istanbul is the capital and the main city. Istanbul is across the Bosforo river and join the Black sea and the Marmara sea.
In Istanbul you can see the ruins of the Ottoman empire and the ruins of the Roman empire together. Also you can see the most amazing mosque; you can see really luxury on the palace. Another awesome thing is the Spice Market. I have heard about the different smells there are in there.
If I go to there someday probably it will be only to know, not for studies or work because I really like to visit all the places in the city. If I want to do something like that I have to earn a lot of many.
I think Turkey it will be the starting point to know all the rest of Europe.
However, as much as I like to know Turkey, my priority is Latin-American because is cheaper, I can communicate with the people, and there is so much history here too.
I hope to know the entire world or the most part of them.

jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

my experiences during the first semester of 2009.


My name is Amaya and this is my fourth semester in the University.

The last semester was very interesting and fun. I had very good teacher and i finally saw pacient. I had a subject where we went to the siquiatric hospital and the teacher interview a pacient it was all really admited. I personally liked it because i finally knew what i can do and what i can do not as a psychologist in the future.

I also knew about other areas of psichology like the social one.

On my free time i worked with the Centro de Estudiantes, which is a group of students and they were elected to work in stuff who are important for all the other student. I was not elected but i participate there help them to do all the things they have to do.

This semester, ones of my challenges is to get better grades on my different subjects